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“The key to enjoying wine is to understand its essence and to enjoy it. What has nature allowed to ripen in the grapes, where did it grow under what conditions, what was the philosophy of the winegrowers and how well did their work succeed?”

Elke Schmidt

Grashoff's Sommelier

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Mitarbeiter 1986 Grashoff in der Sögestraße


150 years Grashoff

We combine the best product quality and experienced craftsmanship with the desire to give you a culinary experience.

What began in 1872 with the visionary import of previously inaccessible food has developed over the years into a brand that is primarily based on a love of enjoyment and the pursuit of incomparable taste experiences.

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Frische Zutaten für Chutney Mango, Gewürze, Ingwer, Zimt, Knoblauch


All about chutneys

Chutneys are an extremely practical invention, as they flavor rice dishes and curries in a variety of ways. The delicious seasoning sauces have their origin in the very diverse and varied Indian cuisine.

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Grashoff's promise of quality

We only process fresh fruit* or shock-frozen fruit that is free-rolling in the harvest area and processed using the low-temperature vacuum cooking process

*All fruits are harvested and processed at the optimum degree of ripeness

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Frische Erdbeerkonfitüre von Grashoff bei der Abfüllung

Jams & Co

Quality through 150 years of experience

Our more than 40 recipes are our own developments from over 50 years of bistro cuisine!

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  • Just great

    Like last time, everything went very easy and delivery was quick! Quality is great anyway!

    Current comment from, 02/12/23, 3:55 p.m

  • Incredibly delicious

    Incredibly delicious

    These are the best products for me! Especially the chocolate macadamia cream - can't be beat.

    Current comment from, 19.01.23, 12:17


    Nora Kasper

  • It couldn't be better...

    Lightning-fast processing of the order

    Lightning-fast processing of the order. Shipping to third parties worked wonderfully. It doesn't get any better online - five stars are well deserved.

    Current comment from, 30.12.22, 10:53



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150 years Grashoff

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Family business in the 5th generation

Based in Bremen, committed to the Hanseatic merchant tradition

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