Grashoff Fleischextrakt nach Prof. Liebig

Grashoff meat extract according to Prof. Liebig

Meat extract from Grashoff

Made from the best beef muscle meat

Jar of Grashoff Meat Extract

 150 grams of Grashoff meat extract are made from approx. 5 kilograms of high-quality beef!

Grashoff's meat extract is a highly concentrated beef extract.

One kilogram of the deep brown, leathery paste is made from 30 kilograms of muscle meat without any additional ingredients.

The gentle extraction and concentration of the meat extract, the purity without foreign substances and the consistently high quality make our meat extract a "must have" in every professional and hobby kitchen.

The meat extract from Grashoff can be used sparingly to produce meat broth (bouillon) or to flavor soups and sauces.

Original meat extract label Prof. Liebig

The History of the Meat Extract

Liebig's meat extract

The German chemist Justus von Liebig had been developing a concentrated meat drink since the 1840s. In 1853 he gave it to his acquaintance, the chemist and industrialist James Muspratt, who was staying with Liebig at the time, to his daughter Emma, ​​who was suffering from cholera. She could no longer eat solid food. After a few days, the girl recovered from the meat drink and Liebig published the recipe in the Annals of Chemistry under the title A new meat broth for the sick.

The entrepreneur and engineer Georg Christian Gilbert, who had read this article, offered Liebig a collaboration in Uruguay in 1862. At the time, there was a large surplus of beef in South America, as the animals were mainly raised for their hides and skins. Due to the lack of cooling facilities at the time, the meat could not be transported over longer distances. Liebig meat extract was now produced there in huge quantities and sold worldwide. Production in South America also gained in importance as a result of the German wars of unification between 1864 and 1870. In order to promote awareness and popularity, the inclusion of collector's pictures (Liebigbilder) became an effective advertising measure. Source: Wikipedia

Recipe card Prof. Liebig Antique

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