Chutney: Gute Gründe für die herzhafte „Marmelade“

Chutney: good reasons for the savory “jam”

By Oliver D. Schmidt, owner of Grashoff's bistro and delicatessen

Chutneys, these spicy sauces, are true all-round talents and give dishes their characteristic taste. In this article I would like to give you an insight into the world of chutneys as well as our kitchen and reveal the secret of Grashoff's sweet and spicy chicken curry. Maybe I can tempt you to opt for the savory "jam" more often, because there are many good reasons for it.
Chutneys come from Indian cuisine
What is a chutney anyway?
The combinations of ingredients make the difference: Sweet fruits complement each other perfectly with hotter spices
The secret of Grashoff's sweet and spicy chicken curry recipe
Cucumber relish with liver pâté - Grashoff's insider tip for an everyday surprise
Chutney and Relish - What's the Difference?

Chutneys come from Indian cuisine

Chutneys are an extremely practical invention, as they season rice dishes and curries in a variety of ways. The delicious seasoning sauces have their origin in the very diverse and varied Indian cuisine. There are at least as many recipes for chutneys as there are people who prepare them. At its core, it is a matter of seasoning pastes or seasoning sauces, which can go more in the direction of sweet and sour, hot and fruity, rather pasty or chunky and creamy - depending on how you want to give your rice dish or curry a special and personal touch .

What is a chutney anyway?

A chutney is usually based on fruit or vegetables. In southern India, a paste made from ground coconut is also often used as a base. The desired texture is sometimes that of a jam, especially when the base is fruit.

Basically, if you have chosen a fruit, vegetable or coconut paste as the basis for your chutney, you have to bring it to the desired basic texture by cooking, chopping or pureeing. Here it starts: In order to give the mango chutney its later texture and to counteract the sweet aroma of the mango, onions are first roasted until colourless, various spices and ginger are added, this is cooked and supplemented with finely chopped apples and similar ones mangoes The sweetness of the mangoes, the acidity of the apples, the aromas of the spices and the spiciness of the onions result in a successful interplay. If the texture is suitable for mixing with rice or a curry, then it is correct.

The combinations of ingredients make the difference: sweet fruits complement each other perfectly with hotter spices

If you swap the mango for a plum or the onion for milder-tasting vegetables like okra, you get a different, if not completely different, result.

It is therefore important to know which dish you would like to enrich with the chutney.

As always, there is a special appeal when opposites are combined: sweet fruits and hotter spices complement each other perfectly, or velvety vegetable pastes with crunchy, roasted nuts. As you can see, there are no limits to creativity here.

The secret of Grashoff's sweet and spicy chicken curry recipe

At Grashoff, for example, we use a mixture of hot, crunchy and sweet for our "sweet-spicy poultry curry" and distribute the contrasts across the various components. The spiciness is the tandoori masala , which essentially consists of chilies, cumin and coriander seeds. Dissolved in a little water, it makes a wonderful marinade in which you can soak and marinate medallions of poulard breast for a certain amount of time. The chicken breast is cooked under the grill over a low heat so that it remains very tender and juicy on the one hand and the tandoori masala cannot burn through too much heat, because then it would only taste bitter. This delicious spice was originally intended for the tandoor oven, where it is often mixed with yoghurt and applied to the food before use and never comes into direct contact with heat.

For the crunchy component, we combine planed-roasted flaked almonds, roasted-salted cashews and sultanas with basmati rice, which has been cooked in a rice cooker with butter, Kaneel and cardamom pods. If you use a Persian rice cooker, you can even have the rice cook with a very delightful crispy crust.

Fried chicken breast with tomato mango chutney, cream and spiced rice

The sweet component in this recipe is the chutney.

The core of the chutney is mango and sweet tomatoes. The selection of the tomatoes is one of the decisive factors for success, because they must be aromatic and have a fine texture. Sweet tomatoes also bring a certain acidity, which gives the chutney freshness and lightness. For the chutney, if you roast onions in a pan in a little oil, dust with Tandoori Marsala, add the tomatoes and the finely chopped mangoes, season with a little chilli, ginger, salt and pepper and then boil the chutney down so that it becomes slightly pasty, you are already there.
As a variation, you can also use shrimp or firm fish fillets such as monkfish instead of poultry. It shouldn't be too expensive or extravagant, because the aromas of the chutney together with the mint, the tandoori marsala and the roasted coconut flakes dominate more delicate fish or meat aromas. This in turn is an indication that this combination of flavors can also be used without meat or fish and tastes excellent as a vegetarian or vegan dish. They are also an aromatic and fruity addition to roasted, grilled or deep-fried vegetables.

Even everyday things can be a real delicacy

A very good country liver pate , seasoned with marjoram and thyme and topped with Grashoff's extraordinary cucumber relish , is a real sensation on freshly toasted Münsterländer country bread!

Chutney & Relish
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Chutney and relish – what are the differences?

A relish is a spicy sauce made from marinated vegetables or fruits. Relishes tend to be a little runnier than chutneys. Originally from England, they are traditionally used cold to flavor English cuisine, for example in sandwiches, cold roasts, pies or cheese. Mild relishes are also often served with the well-known Ploughman's Sandwich with Cheddar.

The cucumber relish can also be added to potato salad – instead of the usual pickles. As a salad seasoning, it adds a fresh note of herbs to the salad and makes it juicier. Stir in a little mayonnaise for an irresistible tartar sauce, and grill your steaks and grilled prawns in a unique way.

“The cucumber relish is our most underrated product. But once you've discovered it for yourself, you won't let it go."

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