Grashoff Rhabarberkonfitüre mit frischem Rhabarber und sizilianischen Blutorangensaft

Homemade rhubarb jam

Rhubarb in the field
From the local raspberry rhubarb
By Oliver D. Schmidt, owner of Grashoff's bistro and delicatessen

Rhubarb is not for everyone
but it could also be because you haven't had your very personal key experience yet. Rhubarb comes in a variety of forms, but few bring everything they need to give a really good rhubarb experience! I claim that our homemade rhubarb jam has everything to give you this unique key experience and to include you in the circle of rhubarb fans!

Raspberry rhubarb from the Bockhop family farm

We use fresh raspberry rhubarb, which grows in the field just outside our small factory in the Bremen area and comes to us from the Bockhop family farm.

Its name has nothing to do with raspberries per se, it has a comparably beautiful red color on the outside and white, aromatic and slightly sour flesh. The slightly sour aroma is very important because it softens the sweetness of the sugar and gives the jam its irresistible freshness. The season is short: depending on the weather, it starts in March/April and ends around June/July.

Rhubarb jam
in the Grashoff online shop

We get the fresh rhubarb straight from the field,

trim, wash and cut it by hand and prepare our delicious rhubarb jam in a vacuum! Why in a vacuum? You can already cook in a vacuum at around 70°C to 80°C and don't need the 100°C, which can destroy a lot of the ingredients and colorings. This means that regionality, sustainability and gentle processing at low temperatures are standard with our rhubarb jam! And she's vegan too!

Rhubarb is a delicate vegetable whose flavors fade fairly quickly.

That's why you should enjoy our rhubarb jam extensively in the season on freshly toasted toast or raisin bread with good butter on it, don't save anything, rather snack on a second toast and be there again in the new season. Just like grandma used to do.

Strawberry rhubarb jam
in the Grashoff online shop

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