Manufaktur Grashoff

Manufactory Grashoff

Discover our variety of chocolate creams, jams, jams and jellies, delicatessen sauces and much more.

Grashoff products are the result of craftsmanship, experience, a passion for recipes and high-quality ingredients.

With the experience of 150 years in the delicatessen trade and over 50 years of bistro cuisine, we produce the finest delicacies.

High-quality raw materials are fundamentally the basis of everything good. Well-established and well-maintained relationships with producers and suppliers ensure continuous quality.

This is how small batches of our fine delicacies are created in our Bremen factory. The success of our family-run company has been based on this principle since 1872 .

"Knowing passionate people carefully prepare these ingredients according to all the rules of the art".



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cream and butter sauces


Delicatessen chutney


We combine the best product quality and experienced craftsmanship with the desire to give you a culinary experience!

Manager Meyer

Fill in jam

Production Manager Hartman

cut strawberries

jam making

vacuum boiling kettle

production assistant

Filling line Chocolat

Our manufacture & products are certified.


Our Delicatessen and delicatessen online shop is Trusted Shops certified


With the labeling in the online shop, you are immediately informed!

palm oil free

We do without palm oil* and soy!

* Except in our Gentlemen's Chocolat  with 30% cocoa, we have not yet been able to adequately replace the palm oil. But we are working on it!


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