Masterclass W & J Grahams Port

Masterclass W & J Graham's Port

300 years of history!
By sommelier Elke Schmidt, Grashoff

Many thanks to

The Symingnton family, Herrmann Stöckmann, Marc Almers and Maximilian Wilm for the incredible evening.

You always think you already know something, but then there are so many new things to discover. We were allowed to start with port wine, which you probably never get in a glass. A wine that was only fortified after fermentation against a port that is commonly produced today, in which the fermentation is stopped by adding Eau de Vie during fermentation, thus creating a port wine of today's style. In the third glass we got a sample of the Eau de Vie with 77% vol., with which port wine is traditionally fortified. A special experience.

The next flight consisted of Graham's Tawny 1974 Single Harvest and Graham's Vintage 1977.

Both clear representatives of their style. The Tawny has wonderful dried fruit aromas, very good acidity and nice creaminess. The vintage already with clear color degradation, but rich in fruity aromas. Here we were able to learn that the historical situation of the dictatorship under Salazar from the early 1930s to 1974 definitely had an influence on the qualities of these vintages.

At that time, the port wine producers could only fall back on the state monopoly fuel.

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Third Flight, Graham's Tawny Single Harvest 1994 and Graham's Vintage Port 1994

Here all perfection came into play, both wines were on point in their style.

Everything was really right: colour, acidity, fruit balance, cashmere-soft tannins and lively freshness in the tawny.

Anyone who wants to experience port wine in all its fascination is in good hands in this age group.

But the evening didn't end here, we continued to be spoiled

Graham's Tawny 2003 First Flight, as well as the vintage of the century Graham's Vintage Port 2003.

A particularly perfect experience. Significantly different in aroma, excellently presented in the fruit, with the tawny just these wonderful aromas of fully ripe raisins, quince bread, but also citric freshness, which once again underlines the complexity of this tawny when served chilled. The vintage was in such good shape that you almost have to apologize to him for waking him out of the bottle. That leaves me with a wonderful date with this port for years, if not decades, to come.

What do you take away from such an evening? Deep gratitude to be able to surround yourself with such perfect seducers. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.

For those who think port wine is old-fashioned, you're missing out on the best!

Stay curious about wine

Your Elke Schmidt

Grashoff's Sommelier

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