Collection: Bordeaux Cellar

There is no question that the romantic sensation that comes with uncorking a bottle of Bordeaux from one of the famous châteaux exerts an almost irresistible allure and allure. Even the supposedly smaller chateaux can produce very famous wines if the winegrowers and oenologists have made the best of what nature has made available to the winegrower after all the work in the vineyard in the form of beautiful, ripe, juicy grapes with a great deal of skill and expertise asked. There is a reason why Bordeaux wines are legendary all over the world. A wealth of finesse and delicacy in the fruit, structure and elegance in style, rich in often very impressive aromas in a seductive concentration and yet anything but powerful and overloaded. During bottle aging, the wines go through very interesting developments that present the connoisseur with an almost unbelievable variety of aging aromas in the different phases of a red wine's life. The first phase of life is the fruit phase, in which the wines present predominantly grape varieties with accentuated fruit aromas and rich colours. In the second phase of life - the reduction phase - the fruit recedes into the background and the tannins dominate. Here the wine goes through a development in which it is closed and inaccessible - the best thing is to just leave it alone. The third phase is the enjoyment phase, here the wine shows all its greatness, which the terroir and the vintage have given it. The fruit reveals itself in its finest facets, the tannins in their sweetness, the acidity finely woven. The wine as a whole is supple and full without being overpowering or even heavy. In the long run, there is probably no other red wine growing region in the world where you can find this variety in your very own type and quality from so many appellations that are so close together and yet so different. Give in to this charm with lust and always remember: life without Bordeaux is possible, but pointless!