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BBQue barbecue sauce

BBQue barbecue sauce

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A barbecue sauce has many uses: it is the classic sauce for grilling. It seasons the juicy steak after grilling, marinates the poultry and spare ribs before grilling, makes a Texan salad dressing stirred in mayonnaise and yoghurt and much more. Their heart usually consists of tomatoes, peppers and spices. It is sometimes lighter and sometimes darker, sometimes smoky and sometimes fruity. Our barbecue sauce is a fresh, fruity type without smoke, with spice, but not really spicy. That's why you use them to season all dishes in which tomatoes and especially peppers play a role in a very delicate way: strong sauces for roasts, for example, and your goulash also gets a delicious touch.

nutritional values

99 kcal /
3.3 g g
- hereof: saturated fatty acids
0.5 g g
15.8 g g
Of which sugars
11.2 g g
1.4 g g
2.27 g g
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