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B. Grashoff Nachf. GmbH

Cognac Très Vieux Fins Bois

Cognac Très Vieux Fins Bois

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Cognac is usually made from different distillates that complement each other to create a harmonious end product. In 1972 we bought a cask of just distilled cognac to follow its evolution without any action. Initially checking on site from time to time, but later not thinking about it regularly anymore, a sample bottle of our barrel unexpectedly arrived in the post in Bremen in the spring of 1994. The distiller, Monsieur Brugerolle, asked what we intended to do with our cask. We tasted the sample. It was amazing. Rarely have we drunk anything comparable. The distillate had developed an unbelievable depth of aroma that was light yet intense. Since the distillate was never blended, it was not "harmonized" and has developed its own very nice character and charm. We had the cask filled immediately and are pleased to be able to offer you a few more bottles of this rarity.

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