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The Kohl & Pinkel book

The Kohl & Pinkel book

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What is a Friesian Palm? Is "pee" at the table in connection with a meal of cabbage something indecent? Where does the honor of the butcher stop when it comes to Bremen or Oldenburg pinkel? How do you become cabbage king and what is the food order all about? What is a Kohlfahrt (in which pretty much every North German takes part in the season) and what is the Schaffermahlzeit (in which only a very select group can take part)? These questions and many more are answered here on 69 pages. Written by the well-known Bremen author Hermann Gutmann, provided with wonderful photographs by the Bremen photographer and delicatessen dealer Jürgen Dewet Schmidt and rounded off with watercolors by the Bremen artist Karin Hollweg, a small piece of cultural property has been created here.

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