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The Christmas "fruit and mustard sauces and sauce Cumberland" - present

The Christmas "fruit and mustard sauces and sauce Cumberland" - present

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This is a nice present for all those who like to feast, but somehow already have everything. The fruit mustard sauces top cheese and enrich it with a fresh, spicy component, and also accompany a meat or cheese fondue. The Cumberland sauce, which is made from red wine, oranges and blackcurrant juice and spices, also fits in here. It was originally developed in the mid-19th century as a sauce for cold roasts. The name "Sauce Cumberland" was only mentioned for the first time many decades after the invention of the sauce in the cookbook "La cuisine anglais" published in 1904 by Alfred Suzanne, a French compatriot. Prince William August, Duke of Cumberland (a county in northern England) is said to have been the namesake, which historically may be the only English reference, and this one under such a German name. In any case, the great French chef Auguste Escoffier has made the Cumberland sauce famous around the world, which is particularly served with thin slices of roast game such as venison, deer and fallow deer, served hot or cold, but also with roast beef and game birds such as pheasant, partridge and duck as well any form of pies made from the aforesaid meats. So there is indeed a bit of culinary history in this delicacy. The gift contains:

Apricot Mustard Sauce (200ml)

Red fig mustard sauce (200ml)

Green Fig Mustard Sauce (200ml)

Sauce Cumberland (200ml)

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