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Weingut Schumann Nägle

Riesling Réserve 2018

Riesling Réserve 2018

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For generations one of the most successful growing areas is still one of the most famous German wine regions. Most of the vineyards in the central Rheingau are on gently rolling or flat terrain. The Schumann-Nägle family

has been an integral part of Rheingau wine history for 575 years. That makes the 25th generation. We have a long friendship, so we are allowed to use our own equipment

This is how Mr. Schumann describes his own wine:

Rheingau Riesling, dry, quality wine bA

“To anticipate: A great wine! In the Réserve we combine the different characteristics of our best locations. The grapes from the Kläuserweg bring a "murder volume" and profundity with them. We pair this aromatic wine with the fruity, light notes of the Mäuerchen grapes. Finally, the old vines of the Mönchspfad bring with them the reserve substances that make this wine so unmistakable. Powerful with a lot of bite and at the same time harmonious with a clear line. Add a risotto with clams and John Dory and the evening is saved!”

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